FAQ's often asked in the shop

What are crystals about? August 6, 2020 16:16

Crystals have an ability to awaken in us an appreciation for natural beauty or at the very least beauty. People see beauty in different things. In this we make a connection to our Earth and if we are feeling the beauty then the crystal receives that imprint and our feelings of love are healing for planet Earth, our Mother. Because of the pure chemistry and precise arrangement of the crystalline molecules they are very pure in their vibration. When crystals are coloured there are within the matrix particles of mineral ‘impurities’ providing the colour. With such precise arrangement and purity the organisation of the energy around them is beneficial to us and our environment.

Feeling or working/playing with crystals is for some a beginning of cultivating being able to feel energy. Quite often more is occurring than we are aware. A lot is going on that we are now aware of! Even though the crystal is outside of us we are able to feel energy move within our senses and bodies and because of their consistency the experience is often repeatable. This I suppose is how they acquire the attributes crystals are famous for.

Quartz is said to be the most programmable of materials. Think of Silicon Valley and computer micro chips, how they have changed the way we operate our daily lives. Incredibly thin layers of crystal are stacked with a system for referencing any location within it at the same time an incredibly small area is required to store the electrical impulse that is data. The console for driving crystals is our own relationship toward them so they are incredibly versatile.

Clarity, colour and size influence the cost of a stone, there is no table of charges, they are individual each time.

Cleaning crystals August 6, 2020 16:15

Cleaning Crystals.

Crystals are very compactly arranged precise structures which facilitates the carriage of energy, as with the crystal set radios demonstrate. Like the weave of a carpet holds dust and dirt crystals can become clogged with energetic patterns and debris starting to look dull or becoming less attractive. This is when they need cleaning! More often if they are being asked to process an energy.

Sound is a thorough transformer toning, striking tuning forks, playing singing bowls and bells over your crystal will allow it to shed energetic debris. Moreover the crystal will hold the sound frequency in addition to it’s inherent resonance.

I like water and playing with water so i still believe that a freshness, not to mention a removal of dust (which loves crystals), is brought about by cleansing in water. Stick to crystals with a hardness of 7 or more for this method. One time I soaked Malachite in salt water and it was abrasive enough to remove the polish on the beads. Aragonite’s terrific star arms will fall apart if washed long enough to dissolve the mud at it’s centre. Selenite will dissolve slowly slowly as I have seen when a lamp block was made into a water feature. After one year it was half the size. Living water is preferred, if one has access to river or spring, otherwise I add anything of a high frequency or essential oils, essences or pictures to the process.

It is well known for people to clear crystals on Amethyst beds as the violet light is at the head of the visible spectrum. Light felt, seen or intended around and through a crystal has the effect of clearing and can be done in meditation effectively. Additionally we can command our crystal to release all programming and they will align with this instruction.

Sage and incense are reliable methods for clearing and cleansing crystals. Just as when I use sage to ‘smudge’ around my body and feel relieved of energetic murkiness in my self and notice how I naturally take a deep breath, drop the shoulders or sigh crystals benefit from sage smudging.

Some people do not hand their crystals around to others preferring to maintain a pure energetic relationship with their crystals so it is polite to ask before handling another’s healing tools. Therefore it is beneficial to cleanse your crystals after they are handled by others, before and/or after working, meditating or sleeping with them. Even if we carry them around without thinking much about them it is wise to cleanse them occasionally so they can keep pace with our own progression and continue offering us the higher vibrations that bring us benefit.

Do you believe in all this? August 6, 2020 16:10

This question is fading, though still does pop up. It is bound to because there are still people going around who have no greater awareness of crystals than the chandelier or a big rock seen in someone's garden. It does baffle me every time though how it can be happening. Why is there not a crystal shop in each town along with the delicatessen, post office and corner store? Their benefits are so great it has been kept secret!

The first radios used a crystal to recreate sound from vibrations. Quartz crystals are still used in watches including digital watches, utilizing the piezoelectric effect, to create a 60 hertz signal and one hertz represents one minute. Quartz crystals will go on and on consistently resonating with the Earth’s pulse beat or Schuman Frequency. Silicon chips are manufactured in the image of natural Quartz for high capacity data storage and retrieval.

Crystals are timeless relative to a single human lifetime they can be 60,000 years and upwards in the making as they continue to grow themselves in the right conditions within the Earth's crust. They are incredibly stable and consistent in their frequencies they emit.  Laboratories have learned to create replica crystals for technology and so beautiful are the results that there is a high demand from the jewellery market. In this case we wonder, have the man-made version the same potency? Being newly created they are still as pure in their vibrational frequency  however have not long communed with the energies and events of our Earth and it’s many wonders.

Is it Silver? August 6, 2020 16:06

Silver is an element on the periodic table, Ag. It is a mineral and a metal. Being quite malleable and possible to refine from rock, plus polishing to a lustre it has long been popular for setting jewellery and making amulets and vessels. Silver is non toxic to humans in balance. We are both able to absorb Silver from what we eat (silver is a trace element in healthy soil) and through the skin. It has medicinal applications and is essential for our bodies functioning and health.

Pure Silver is mostly blended with other mixed metals to provide a harder material after it has been worked and made into something. This is know as Stirling Silver or 925 which translates as 92.5% pure Silver and therefore 7.5% other metals. Precious metal items are usually stamped somewhere on the inside or back of the piece, known as a hallmark.

Some people have reactions to contact with silver which is often a reaction to something in the composite metals which vary. Nickel is known to be an irritant to some and has been left out in more modern blends. Knickel free jewellery is a standard practice in European and U.K. markets.

We do like to add some 18ct gold here and there in combination with the silver. Most of our pieces are Stirling Silver, look for it in the description of the item.