Is it Silver? August 6, 2020 16:06

Silver is an element on the periodic table, Ag. It is a mineral and a metal. Being quite malleable and possible to refine from rock, plus polishing to a lustre it has long been popular for setting jewellery and making amulets and vessels. Silver is non toxic to humans in balance. We are both able to absorb Silver from what we eat (silver is a trace element in healthy soil) and through the skin. It has medicinal applications and is essential for our bodies functioning and health.

Pure Silver is mostly blended with other mixed metals to provide a harder material after it has been worked and made into something. This is know as Stirling Silver or 925 which translates as 92.5% pure Silver and therefore 7.5% other metals. Precious metal items are usually stamped somewhere on the inside or back of the piece, known as a hallmark.

Some people have reactions to contact with silver which is often a reaction to something in the composite metals which vary. Nickel is known to be an irritant to some and has been left out in more modern blends. Knickel free jewellery is a standard practice in European and U.K. markets.

We do like to add some 18ct gold here and there in combination with the silver. Most of our pieces are Stirling Silver, look for it in the description of the item.