What are crystals about? August 6, 2020 16:16

Crystals have an ability to awaken in us an appreciation for natural beauty or at the very least beauty. People see beauty in different things. In this we make a connection to our Earth and if we are feeling the beauty then the crystal receives that imprint and our feelings of love are healing for planet Earth, our Mother. Because of the pure chemistry and precise arrangement of the crystalline molecules they are very pure in their vibration. When crystals are coloured there are within the matrix particles of mineral ‘impurities’ providing the colour. With such precise arrangement and purity the organisation of the energy around them is beneficial to us and our environment.

Feeling or working/playing with crystals is for some a beginning of cultivating being able to feel energy. Quite often more is occurring than we are aware. A lot is going on that we are now aware of! Even though the crystal is outside of us we are able to feel energy move within our senses and bodies and because of their consistency the experience is often repeatable. This I suppose is how they acquire the attributes crystals are famous for.

Quartz is said to be the most programmable of materials. Think of Silicon Valley and computer micro chips, how they have changed the way we operate our daily lives. Incredibly thin layers of crystal are stacked with a system for referencing any location within it at the same time an incredibly small area is required to store the electrical impulse that is data. The console for driving crystals is our own relationship toward them so they are incredibly versatile.

Clarity, colour and size influence the cost of a stone, there is no table of charges, they are individual each time.