Mother Earth track and video release... May 2018 May 12, 2018 14:39

Congratulations Guire & Jambala

The brand new video clip has just been released featuring a large Quartz crystal sphere or ‘crystal ball’ as the music crew have dubbed this new star of the screen from Brazil, normally residing at CrystaClear. Congratulations on completion and release of such a positive and beautiful message for our times. Bang on people! Hear the track on Reggaeville - it's super cool.

Auro Liquid Gold April 13, 2017 21:22

Thank you very much to those ordering Auro Liquid Gold, I am extremely grateful for this product and had a successful result while using the Auro in Morocco, on the local tap water, for my drinking water. I was happy to have purchased only two 5L plastic water vessels in ten days. These  instantly both had the Auro water purification minerals added and then after were used in providing pure, clean, mineralised water for the whole stay with absolutely no ill feelings in my stomach. 

Please feel free to share your experience of using the AuroGold, I welcome the feedback.

Boy George takes a crystal on The Voice May 9, 2016 14:42

So I've been watching The Voice, so entertaining with a super panel of pop icon coaches. How cool was it when Boy George reveals he's been carrying a Quarts crystal to help him with getting his team together.

 "I believe in energies and crystals are really good, I've got lots of them in my life. My crystal is directing me. If someone is meant to be on your team they will get there no matter how they get there - there's no accidents." says Boy George.

Keeping him clear, focused and aligned with the task at hand Boy George uses the crystal to help get that button pressed and select a team full of quirky good karma. "Sometimes the things that you want are not the things that you need, you know what I mean". Right there with you George!

It's just wonderful to see the outrageous 80's pop hero looking so well, happy and individual as always. To have had celebrity, wealth and fame and to pass through adversities to mature and become a mentor for others is champion human behaviour. Thank you Boy Goerge!! 


Can crystals help me with my life? March 8, 2016 15:18

Trending here at CrystalClear in Pewsey is the question of whether there is a crystal for a particular malady or to assist us with our goals. More people than ever are willing to embrace the energy of crystals to assist in health, going for our goals and uplifting our energy levels. Muscle testing with the arm is proving a great method for selecting from a wide range of possibilities and attributes of the stones. Come in, make a selection and get your crystal allies on board and watch for the transformation!

Edible Jewellery competition with Faux Arts October 21, 2015 12:31

CrystalClear and Faux Arts are collaborating to bring out the very best of your jewellery making skills using edible materials! Here are the rules;

1. Jewellery is to be constructed primarily of edible materials with an allowance for structural strengthening. For example garden wire, toothpicks, etc. Do your best to conceal the structural non-edible materials.

2. Entries by email to Title the email 'Edible Jewellery'. Send the two photos (.jpeg preferred)  with a description of the piece (or set) as follows; a) Title of the piece, b) description of all materials used and where they were sources c) a paragraph about the piece, what inspired the design and or choice of ingredients d) Your name!

3. Two photographs are required to enter a piece or set of edible jewellery, first a presentation photo of the complete piece up nice and close. Secondly a photo of the piece being worn either by the maker or a model is fine.

4. Multiple entries will be accepted from the same person. Competition closes midnight 6th December 2015. First prize is a crystal pendant and chain. The oval tanzanite blue coloured crystal is 6mm x 8mm with a light stirling silver chain. Prize may be exchanged for another item of equal value of as a credit towards another item either on the website or in CrystalClear Pewsey. Judging will take place  as soon as possible after close of the competition and winner will be notified by email.

Birthing the gallery into cyberspace August 13, 2015 23:56 1 Comment

Birthing the gallery is not easy. I am very grateful to the Shopify developers for making such a comprehensive and friendly to use system, however getting the pointers and naming lined up so the baby shopify site can start to grow as on it's own wobbly legs is proving challenging. If someone gets to read this little letting off of steam then a happy bunny I have become!

Greetings Monday 20 July 2015 July 20, 2015 00:00

It's July, my birth month, pretty wild. Yes there has been some crop circle activity in the area, look it up for yourselves there are plenty of great overhead pictures out there. Also citrine is catching my attention right now and for the Leo's it not a case of more fire it's much more balancing - the gold of the quarts. All quarts has that special balancing effect.
May you be blessed!