Boy George takes a crystal on The Voice May 9, 2016 14:42

So I've been watching The Voice, so entertaining with a super panel of pop icon coaches. How cool was it when Boy George reveals he's been carrying a Quarts crystal to help him with getting his team together.

 "I believe in energies and crystals are really good, I've got lots of them in my life. My crystal is directing me. If someone is meant to be on your team they will get there no matter how they get there - there's no accidents." says Boy George.

Keeping him clear, focused and aligned with the task at hand Boy George uses the crystal to help get that button pressed and select a team full of quirky good karma. "Sometimes the things that you want are not the things that you need, you know what I mean". Right there with you George!

It's just wonderful to see the outrageous 80's pop hero looking so well, happy and individual as always. To have had celebrity, wealth and fame and to pass through adversities to mature and become a mentor for others is champion human behaviour. Thank you Boy Goerge!!