Edible Jewellery competition with Faux Arts October 21, 2015 12:31

CrystalClear and Faux Arts are collaborating to bring out the very best of your jewellery making skills using edible materials! Here are the rules;

1. Jewellery is to be constructed primarily of edible materials with an allowance for structural strengthening. For example garden wire, toothpicks, etc. Do your best to conceal the structural non-edible materials.

2. Entries by email to fauxartsstudio@gmail.com. Title the email 'Edible Jewellery'. Send the two photos (.jpeg preferred)  with a description of the piece (or set) as follows; a) Title of the piece, b) description of all materials used and where they were sources c) a paragraph about the piece, what inspired the design and or choice of ingredients d) Your name!

3. Two photographs are required to enter a piece or set of edible jewellery, first a presentation photo of the complete piece up nice and close. Secondly a photo of the piece being worn either by the maker or a model is fine.

4. Multiple entries will be accepted from the same person. Competition closes midnight 6th December 2015. First prize is a crystal pendant and chain. The oval tanzanite blue coloured crystal is 6mm x 8mm with a light stirling silver chain. Prize may be exchanged for another item of equal value of as a credit towards another item either on the website or in CrystalClear Pewsey. Judging will take place  as soon as possible after close of the competition and winner will be notified by email.