LOCKDOWN! What's going on... 
 June 1, 2020 15:53

Lockdown arrived for CrystalClear on 23rd March and I thought okay it’s a quiet time of year pre Spring, I’ll take a week off from shop business, get the veg patch up and running then turn my attention to the website. It was obvious ‘everyone’ is going to take more time to communicate, shop and follow up their favourite teachers and research areas online right. The last part is totally true, some areas of business have boomed during this phase of the adventures of society. It’s been a hot spring and being inside using my brain was not my first choice, I’m totally drawn to being outside nurturing little plants! 

What I have witnessed though is that the crystals themselves have not been sidelined. We are going through a great transformational experience. When can we say that the whole population of Earth has been through a shared experience such as now? We are experiencing the balancing of dark and light within ourselves and globally! All aspects of self are receiving a greater input of energy, feel intensified (so many have felt the speeding up of time for many years) so that we may proceed to detox lower vibrational pollutants, habits and patterns as well as  belief of being unimportant or powerless. So it goes on until the light and dark within our world, which will always be in equal measure, when enough people have created balance within through attaining the power of our light to subdue the power of our dark then we will see harmony on our Earth for all. As seen in the oriental Yin Yang symbol.

Balancing my energy is one aspect of how I use crystals daily in my life. Getting that veg patch dug over Moldavite was my ally which got me moving as there was literally a lot of ground to cover. I became aware of feeling pretty Yang, a bit de-sensitized and so quickly added Rose Quartz to stay real. After days of heavy work the body was saying enough give me a rest I realised I required a more balanced approach including a bit more rest or gentleness and meditation in such potent times so beautiful Larimar showed up for me. Relationship issues were also being put under the spotlight with us both home all the time and so sometimes I felt a need to relate more with deep inner emotional states and the darker shades of tourmaline gave support to my sense of self and my borders. All that intense time working with the soil and nature cracked open my heart to deeper, more tender areas and bless bless bless mother Gaia for the gentle, refreshing vibes of Aquamarine.

Lokar Samastha Sukinoh Bavantu - May all the world be blessed with the light of love.