New line, new scenery and new horizons. March 11, 2019 18:04

Well it may sound like a lot but it is amazing what a holiday can achieve, when it’s taken at the right time and the days used wisely. For all those who bought from CrystaClear in Dec and Jan heard my heart’s yearning to get over to Australia and be with my tribe. Loving my family and honouring our ancestry gives me the sense that I’m being cheered along provides the boost I sometimes need to keep up the power for every days jobs. 

On top of that we went to Bali “Island of the Gods” for renewal and inspiration. A wonderful, warm, in both temperature and the beauty of the smiles we received with every interaction, island of great creativity and colour. First to be unpacked has been a big selection of paintings done in acrylic on canvas, by hand and bursting with beauty and colour. Now on display in the shop and so inspiring they have changed the whole feel of the shop.