CrystalClearShop - Roots

Life is full of stories and when we look at what we have around us at a given moment there are numerous stories woven into how it happens to be that way. We see our role, in part, as service to the crystals, being distributors of the stones so that others may receive the benefit of their uplifting aesthetic qualities, healing and expanding frequencies, or inspiring presence as jewellery or natural formations. CrystalClear is an existing shop located in the Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, a famous area for crop circles and not far from Avebury stone circle and it's associated sacred sites. We created the shop in 2006 after two years on the road with the crystals and jewellery, attending various shows and festivals. Well, the story started even before that, but don't they all! We came up with the idea of creating a market inside, for the winter, see how it goes. The current location became available just as the inspiration appeared. Before we knew it the walls were being painted and cabinets on the way, it was doing itself and we were their to facilitate the actions! has now arisen as an online gallery of our unique collection of beautiful crystals and minerals. This way the shop has become available to a wider audience, for those looking for specific crystals or fine examples of lesser known semi precious stones and to our many friends and visitors along the way whom have returned to their own lands after visiting this sacred region of Wiltshire. 

All the pieces are hand made. Either carefully selected by us from ready made pieces or as worked stones ready to be made into jewellery. We meet with our suppliers directly so that all the crystals are as close as possible to source and we can learn about their journey. The integrity of the people we source from is very important bringing about relationships where everyone is in respect for the crystals and reverence to the Earth for providing such wonderful creations as she does. I trust you will enjoy to view the beautiful pieces in the web gallery and receive the benefit of crystal energy on your own journey.