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Tibetan Pulsing Healing one day workshop

Sunday 1st November, with Nicky Jordan

A Tibetan Pulsing one day workshop helping to discharge the patterns so our natural being may shine forth. Create more space inside to recieve the wonderful bright new energies available to us during this planetary ascension.

Pulsing the Brain circuit
The organ of the brain is very electrical and shielded in the
casing of the skull. The more we put the brain to use the more willing it is to be the commander. When we are operating in brain charge we behave robotically and lose sensitivity. If we are in a position where we need to comply to orders from above, only able to say 'yes' then the flow from left to right brain becomes inhibited.

Bringing the pulse to the brain circuit discharges the organ so the two sides to come into balance allowing the brain to perform as the 'cosmic toy' it is intended to be. Being spontaneous and playful is a natural way to keep our energy flowing.

This is a partner work so feel free to bring a partner. We will break for lunch (bring some along or shop nearby).

Starting 10am to 5pm, energy exchange £40 to book in or get further information call Nicky 078 6677 1504.

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Tibetan Pulsing Healing Sessions and workshops

Tibetan Pulsing Healing sessions release locked energy within our bodies and nervous system. Potent and capable of addressing specific conditions on the mental, emotional or physical level Tibetan Pulsing is a practice for transformation.

Email CrystalClear through the contact page or Nicky directly for information on 07866 771504.

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